Thursday, March 11, 2010

my first makeup review post: Tokidoki x Sephora

I promised myself this year that I'd blog more on this site and now's the perfect opportunity. Say hello to Tokidoki x Sephora!

from left to right:
tank top with bastardino holding a sephora bag
three eyeshadow palettes featuring charms of bastardino, adios, and diamante
nail files and a nail file case
nail buffer keychains of the cactus pups
two liquid eyeliners with felt tips
one lip ink in the 'fantastical' shade
and a kabuki brush!

pic with the tops of the eyeshadow palettes closed.

pic with the eyeshadow palette colors shown

nail files with the nail file case

nail buffer keychains with the two eyeliners and lip ink

close up of the felt tips

colors: the green is named SANDy. Purple is Carina. third is Cactus Friends

side 1 of the kabuki brush

side 2 of the kabuki brush

side 3 of the kabuki brush

top of the brush. it feels ahhhhhhhhhmazing!

sorry for the pictures being all sideways and stuff. I have no idea why that happened. As usual, the packaging suckered me in. Overall, the eyeshadow pigments are nice and the lip ink goes on very pretty. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of me wearing the colors because it's late at night and I just washed everything off. Just a note:This is NOT the entire line. There are more products coming out (makeup bag, more eyeliner colors, etc.) You can check out the prices at this sephora link:

Expect to see it in your local Sephora real soon ;)


. : * justine * : . said...

Oh, very excited to see this line! How did you find the pigmentation of the shadows? The pen-style liquid eyeliners look interesting (my favourite style of liner) and I love the lip stain! ... I foresee a lot of my wallet going towards this collection XD;

kathygeeftw said...

LOL justine, the pigments are actually nice. I should've taken pictures of myself wearing the eyeshadow and lip ink but I was too tired and exhausted from work ;( the lip ink right now is my fave!

. : * justine * : . said...

I would love swatches if you had time :) My store isn't sure if they're getting them in, and as cute as the packaging is, I don't want to buy them if the quality sucks!

kathygeeftw said...

lol i know what you mean. i'll do swatches later on tonight possibly. i'm actually wearing the lip ink and one of the eyeshadows today so i'll let you know how it all holds up throughout the day :)

SuPeachChaya said...

Please swatch the eyeshadows
I reallt curious to see
is it well pigmented and long-lasting?

Beth Forde said...


Please can buy the diamante palette of you I am desperate for it and can't find it anywhere as I live in the uk. I would be happy to pay around £60 for it with shipping please email